Question by Just me: How to give proper copyright credit?
I would like to create a blog, featuring users on who want to be featured there for their designs. For those who don’t know, Looklet is an amazing website where you can design “looks” with real clothes, My blog would serve purpose for fans who want to explore other looks other users have made, and comment and give feedback. has this on their website already, but I would like to create one of my own. If i made this blog am I doing anything Illegal if I write this on my blog, Looklet Interviews (whatever i name my blog) is in no way associated, affiliated or sponsored by Looklet. Anything else I should add? Is everything done right? Please help, all is appreciated!

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Answer by ron_mexico
There is no such thing as “proper copyright credit.” You’re confusing copyright (a legal issue) with plagiarism (an ethical issue).

In school, you give credit to an author. That avoids plagiarism.

However, in copyright, credit is completely irrelevant. For example, I cannot make copies of a copyrighted book, CD, DVD and give the copies away just by giving credit to the copyright owner. If you want to use copyrighted work, you will need permission from the copyright owner.

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