Concern by Amir Shahzad: How To Be A Successful Web Designer?
I am a freelance net designer work largely on o desk due to the fact i was not able to get hired any in which else. I started 4 months back and that time i was info enterer but my interest grew so much that i turned to net style. Now i can handle web layout. I have currently acquired 102.six$ from o desk that is great cash in Pakistan but i know its not so a lot. What issue i am emotion is which contracts must i bid. Only bid on individuals i am totally learn? Do not bid on individuals which i imagine to manage. And if i feel to deal with and employed and then was not able to full. What must i do? I truly feel a good deal of disgrace if unable to full following proclaiming. I will not get coronary heart for totally free training What would be ideal approach for me to learn world wide web design. I want to get knowledge even though earning al even though low. Its Alright.
What i indicate from i perception to handle is that i am not ready to create web language myself but i can write completely functioning by obtaining assist from web language instructing internet sites. Exact same is i can set up wordpress observing its documentation. Hope you recognize what i imply.

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Solution by Kicking Bear
I might audio insane right here but what you question for is what you get so you want to be a productive web designer correct properly all you need to do is visualize oneself functioning for this big firm planning that internet.

If you do not feel me personally heres a story about myself its the stop of the calendar year so becoming in large university you need to have to do yearly tests and I am an common at maths thanks to my tutor I rating eighty two% but this time I wished much more and without studying and small revision I did the maths examination like usually I stored visualizing acquiring that great score 60 out of 65 and although undertaking the examination I even though about it and right after the exam I visualized that score each day and just afew times in the past I acquired my outcomes back and it was only 50 percent a mark off what I desired the share was ninety one%. This is not pure luck there is a electricity driving all your ideas. What you actually want and preserve pondering about is what you get no make a difference good or undesirable.

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  1. okay your message sounds alittle garbled, I take it you are only a web designer not a web developer ie you only to front end and have nothing to do with the backend, but will add extentions to things like wordpress.

    Assuming you only want to do web design, then i would suggest mastering photoshop, learn HTML, CSS and about JQuery and mootools controls, learn to use cms systems joomla and wordpress and umbraco. learn to make sites that have good cross browser support, and learn how to set up a SEO website. (and the hardest task there is mastering photoshop)

    If you want to have more to do with the back end i would suggest learning either php or c# as both are commen requests in freelancing websites.

    To make more money from your webdesign i would suggest looking for jobs not only on odesk but and only go for jobs you know you can do, as a freelancer you need to keep you reputation, though you can consider teaming up with a web developer frend to take on bigger jobs. I would ensure you have a good porfolio and a professionally looking personal website, to show potential clients. And do try to get a full time job as a designer, this will allow you to learn from others as well as save you ahveing to constantly search for work

    Good luck

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