Issue by complicatedtallblonde: How considerably does a World wide web Designer make?
My boyfriend is in his senior calendar year in school and he’s looking at various employment such as Net designer, Software program Developer, Computer Programmer, or a Databases Technician. How considerably do any of these work pay out? If you or someone you know operate them do they like them? Exactly where in the US does it shell out better or even worse?
We have searched diverse areas and we are getting several various quantities throughout the board so any information would be great.

We stay in close proximity to Kansas Town if that is appropriate.

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Solution by reply nazi
he had better adhere with programing……..the city i live in marketed for a web designer for employ the service of…800 a hr! any idiot can toss up a website…it requires brains to compete with fb and many others

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  1. Hi Complic

    Computer programer pays good but if you are a Game programmer, expect to start off with $ 25,000 the first year to $ 45,000 inside 3 years and all expenses paid.

    Web designer charge by the job and not by the hour. The competition is heavy in web-design and I would not suggest it. I am a computer analyst and that pays good . I used to network card dealers Subaru and Suzuki and was paid $ 1000 for half a adays job.
    This is a good job because when a network breaks down, they are willing to pay for someone who can put it back up with 2 hours which is why I specialized in it.

    Oh, and I had no degrees or college but was street smart and did a lot of reading and studying on my own.
    Their is work out there but you are not looking in the right direction. You have to be specific and then, I can answer you specifically.

  2. If your boyfriend’s degree will be in computer science, go for software design/dev, systems analyst or Database development, where starting pay will likely be in the 60K range right out of college to $ 150K+ within 5 – 7 years.

    If, instead, he earns his degree in something unrelated to the tech field, he will first need training of some kind if he is not disciplined and resourceful enough to learn it all from books.

    Of all the occupations you named above, web designer probably pays the lowest, at least at first. Contrary to what one person said below about gaming design and/or programming, with a year or two of training from a community college, those guys can easily make 50K starting, and up to 100K or more after a few years–at least in the Seattle, WA area they do.

    The highest paying tech states are California, Washington state and Massechusetts, followed by other states on either coast and others.

    It’s a great paying field, but there’s no such thing as a 9 – 5 job in tech. The long hours require passion for the work. And, oh yeah…slackers need not apply.

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