Question by Black Tiger II: how do you spell this word?
well I always write on yahoo answers and everything, and I may have some grammar mistakes now and then, but I think my english is not really “bad”.
But I’m peruvian, my first language is spanish, not english. And there is ONE word that always gets me confused (and google doesn’t help me much)

How do you write “design” (as in web designer) Is it like that, “design” or is it “desing”?? I get confused all the time!! yeah, I know it may sound like a stupid question, but I’m peruvian. Please help me in this one. What on earth am I?? A freelance web desiGner or a freelance web desinGer

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Answer by revalsaki
design 🙂

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  1. Design…Designer… and congrats on mastering so many languages…I wish I knew more Peruvian Spanish…Peace or Paz 🙂

  2. design, try for spelling help, type it into the bar and if it is spelled wrong, they give you a list of words they thought you were trying to look up

  3. It’s “design”. Think of the word “sign”. It rhymes, it’s related to design, and it’s spelled the same. “Sing” doesn’t rhyme and has nothing to do with design. That’s an easy way to remember the correct spelling.

  4. I am glad you care! It’s design, like in ‘stop sign’. I am glad I was born in the US–I think English is a tough language to use and spell correctly, even if you are a native speaker!

  5. You write it as design. By the way, the next time you are confused about the spelling of a word, go to, type a word the ways you think it is spelled, check if such a word exists, read its definition, and if it matches what the word is then you’ll be able to know the right spelling right away – that’s what I do. Good luck.

  6. guy b…I congratulate you on your efforts to ensure your English grammar and spelling are correct.
    You may be peruvian and English may not be your first language, but you are taking greater steps to speak correct English than we see from many of our own American students who are so caught up in the “text message” language within their own little worlds, they have lost the ability to read, write and speak grammatically correct English.
    Feel free at any time to come on here and ask any questions that might help you in furthering your understanding to what is, understandably, a difficult language for anyone to learn.

  7. You had it right the first time. Admittedly, design is one of those confusing English words that don’t make much sense.

  8. Here are some ways to remember. Think of the words DESIGNATE, derived from the word DESIGN. When pronouncing it DES-IG-NATE. The IG lets you know the G comes first. Or the word SIGN, like Stop Sign, not SING, like sing a song.

  9. Design is correct.
    1. To plan and delineate by drawing the outline or figureof; to sketch,as in painting and other works of art, as for a pattern or model.
    2. To contrive; to project with an end in view; to form in ides, as a acheme.
    3. To intend or set apart for some purpose.
    4. To purpose; intend; as a man designs to write an essay, or study law.
    5. To deside upon and outline the main featuresof; to plan.
    6. To indacate.

  10. I’ve always spelt it as “designer” as the word roughly means the person who does the design. Confirmed this with a good dictionary and also through
    Yet I was surprised when i Googled the word “desinger”, there were plenty of sites, mostly fashion related, who use this spelling instead of “designer” for the same usage.
    I’m guessing that they’re all maybe just typo errors.

    p.s. by the way, your written English is excellent, so I won’t be so worried if I were you. My first language isn’t English too.

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