Question by The truth is: How do you define “website designing” what its all about ?

that’s exactly what I want to know but could not get the right question , I want to know who do what because I want to hire someone wo create a site for my bussiness , and I a site that have nice graphics , i want to give it a brand , and I want visitors to like it and have trust and I want it to look professional but I don’t know who can do these jobs , so you say I need a designer and not a developer right
thanks a lot , seeing for more answers

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Answer by arus.geo
A website (or Web site) is a collection of web pages, images, videos and other digital assets and hosted on a particular domain or subdomain on the World Wide Web.

What’s it all about? Information sharing.

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  1. if your asking what the definition of that role in web site construction is, then i must say its a bit foggy.

    simplified idea is there is usually a designer responsible for the way the web page looks and a developer who makes it work and do things that are more interesting than just sit there and look nice.

    the skills a designer might have include, web graphic design skills, html, css, user testing, information architecture, interactive design, ability or familiarity with some business logic language, flash, javascript… you can see how that might get convoluted.

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