Concern by Pancakes: How do website design firms get the layout to their clients ?
I am planning on creating my individual website design company but I dont know how Im heading to get my style to the shopper. Do they give me the url and password and I publish it or sum other way all answers are apreciated thanks.

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Answer by D
I envision they would display it first on their own server, then upload it to the consumer when it is authorized. If you don’t know how that performs you have some more learning to do.

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    see this website its also the design company.
    see how they show all their templates on there website.
    by clicking on the design u can see a demo website of that design they will have a demo on there database.
    and if client like its,u’ll send them the source file to there email ID.

  2. There are more than one answer to this question.

    You could give them the source files if they have the resources to upload and manage the site themselves.

    You could upload it to their server for them and give them the log in info.

    Or, you could create a CMS-based site which allows non-designers and programmers to edit content.

  3. Always show jpg files uploaded on your server. Moreover, their size should be reduced with your company’s name watermakred in the background

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