Question by BLACKPEOPLE: How do i determine the domain and range for a ellipse?
How do i determine the domain and range for a ellipse?

Is there a website where i can drop a figure and it will show me the equation, range and the domain?

I am working on the following project:

“students design an appropriate logo for a company. They use a combination of conics (and other functions) to create their logo designs. Students must write equations, domains, and ranges that will reproduce the designs”

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Answer by ♫Ĵim βurne∬♪
I’m not sure that “domain” and “range” properly apply to something that is not a function — which an ellipse is not, because it fails the “vertical line test” — but if the ellipse is written in standard form:

(x – h)²/a² + (y – k)²/b² = 1

Then the “domain” (in the sense of the x-values for which there will be at least one corresponding y-value) would be:

[h – a, h + a]

And the domain would be:

[k – b, k + b]

so for example:

(x – 3)²/9 + (y – 7)²/25 = 1

would have “domain” [3 – 3, 3 + 3] or [0, 6], and range [7 – 5, 7 + 5], or [2, 12].

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