I designed my website in Microsoft Publisher. Now I have learned that my site suffers from “code bloat”, a common MS Publisher problem, which may be negatively impacting on my site’s performance and SEO.

To the best of my limited knowledge in this area, the only solution is to use some other website design program.

Which program should I use? And IS it possible to import an existing website without redoing the entire site from scratch?

Thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on “How can I migrate my website from Microsoft Publisher to another website design program – and which program?”

  1. Hey don’t worry victoria , its easy .all your web sites are saved in html or aspx or php , formats right ? simply open it with other programs it will let you regain acess to edit it .
    i personally use adobe Dreamweaver , its simple and easy to use , more than that u can directly ftp the whole site to your server .
    just right click the html and open it with dreamweaver or run dreamweaver and open file .
    for beginners and professionals , dream weaver is the best i can reccon ..
    go for it .

  2. I concur with wish; Adobe Dreamweaver is probably the best WYSIWYG website editor.

    If you truly want to optimize your website for SEO etc., then you should learn some HTML so that you can at least understand and follow a file written in HTML. Publisher adds a lot of credit to itself when it creates HTML files. You should open up the files in a text editor and find and remove any references to microsoft or publisher, especially in the meta tags, in the head section. This will cut down on the “bloating” that you speak of.

    Once you open it in Dreamweaver, you may have to do some tweaking to get it looking right.

  3. As you’ve learned, Publisher adds code that is not necessary. The same as when people make a web site with Word and even the infamous FrontPage, which is the world’s worse web editor. They ALL add Microsoft Schema Code which only IE (& Maxthon) understand. This guarantees that your web sites will not be cross-browser compatible.

    You will either have to edit out all the Schema code or redo your pages to get them cross-browser compatible and to meet HTML 4.01/CSS 2.01 Web Standards. Micro$oft use to have a filter tool for taking out the Schema code of the html files, but don’t know if it is still available or works anymore.

    Pick your editor…

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