Question by Keyna: Help gladly accepted!?
Okay… If you see my previous question… “Do you want an affordable graphic designer?”… cheeky I know! I am a smart arse!

I got the answer that my fonts are pretty much shitty crappy!
I’m not by any means disagreeing… I’m not by any stretch of the imagination claiming to be a web designer! Far from it! So in addition… I’m asking for help!

Can you tell me how to correct my font conflict I’m clearly getting with different platforms??? Can anyone give me some insight into what is the right and wrong thing to do cause I just keep banging my little artistic head against the wall!


Check out my site and let me know if it appears good or bad! I work on Safari so any other Browser it may appear like a mess for all I know!!!

My site is

Please give me some joy and help me out if you can!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by ma8pi
Everything looks really good in Explorer – nice work!

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