Question by shraezy: Google search results related problem? PLEASE HELP !! PLZ PLZ PLZ?
my name is shraisy
i had this blog named

previously at my job, i used to type the stuff at my blog so that i can check whether copied by some website or not.. and my work included some write-ups on adult web designing something…

now when i type “shraisy” at Google,, there’s this pathetic result “”””shraisy: ADULT WEB DESIGNING””””” … I have DELETED my google account and that blog too, still its coming in the search results ……. HELP PLEASSSSEEEEE ……………

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Answer by SKJA
It will take a length of time before it is deleted from googles search engine, once their robots realise your site has been deleted it should automatically be removed as it no longer exists. Time will sort it out for you nothing else.

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5 thoughts on “Google search results related problem? PLEASE HELP !! PLZ PLZ PLZ?”

  1. try emailing someone at google’s customer support and tell them about how their engine has not updated that the google account does not exsist anymore….or email the google accounts cutomer support and ask them why the account you deleted is still being displayed on google search

  2. It take up to a month for it to be taken off the search listing once deleted so give it some time (depending on the cycle). You didn’t need to delete your whole google blog.

  3. It will be removed as the google bots will come to know that this page or account does not exist. I don’t know the exact time period but not more then a month. 🙂

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