Getting a web design “job”?

Question by Bradley T: Getting a web design “job”?
Im 14 and I am a web design expert and I want to be able to help work on websites for more professional companies but they dont give me a chance because im young. Is there any way I can put my skills to good use?

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Answer by Robmaister12
well, I am 14 as well and I have already designed a website for my school’s debate team.

I guess just wait out these few years. You could start up a website for website help or design. Start small, maybe you could get recognized

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  1. Yes, make your own site that is hot, and offer to do a local business for free. You need to get a portfolio first before people take you seriously. Also, learn about coding too, and conforming to w3c standards. It is really hard to find a good designer, so if you know your stuff, you will have tons of work. For my company, it was really hard to find a designer that made a good looking site that was also standards compliant and made sense.

    Edit: having done good work is more important than ANYTHING in design. I dont care if they graduated from x school or have Y certificate. I want to see their work. So keep that in mind and if you need someone to critique your work etc send me a message

  2. you need to mak reference that mean you need to Designs som good website and make it is reference any one like o know your work can see your work
    any way i need web design howmatch you charge?????????

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