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Could anyone tell me how you could achieve the “closing in” “closing out” transition effect seen in this website?

I mean when you go to the main page and click “Design” for example, the page sort of blacks out slowly, loads the page, then slowly it appears. It doesn’t seem as simple as just fading in and out, it seems to be similar to stage curtains opening and closing.
iswthunder – I don’t mean text tweening. I know how to do that. What I mean is, the page transitions. Just check out the website, you’ll know what I mean. When you click on a link, everything closes down to black from the outside, then the page loads, then everything slowly appears back from the inside.

Just check out the site and click on a link, you’ll know what I mean.

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Answer by iswthunder
Create the words you want and make them a symbol

Then create the number of frames you want the effect to last and create a second keyframe.

Go back to the first frame, move the words to where you want them to start, and turn the alpha all the way up. The word should then disappear in that frame.

Right click the first keyframe and create a motion tween.

Hit enter and it should work

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  1. That is very easy
    Cover your page withe a black square for example the set alpha = 0. then change alpha to reach 100% after x keyframe.
    If you want a tutorial contact me so I could send it to you.

    [email protected]

  2. Frame animation? Don’t think so. Frame animation will not run so smooth like that. Furthermore, it will increase your swf size—something that you have to consider when building flash for web use.

    I think it’s done by actionscript. Flash has included a transition class since Flash MX 2004 (if I’m not mistaken). I am not yet got into this thing, so visit the link below or search the net. The point is it’s done by actionscripting.

  3. make a movie clip with atleast 4 motion tweens, first set the color of the graphic or whatever to zero then a few frames later increase it until u hit 100% u can also do this for a game like making a button when the mouse is over it shadows in the instructions of a game also u can do this how the site u had did and make a movieclip that stays at zero for maybe a hundred frames then fade in u can do this to different movieclip (so the car and text come in at different times and speed of it fading in)

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