Question by rswiiiix: Flash + ASP is it possible?
I am a web designer with a strong emphasis on “designer”…
Now, my boss has put me in a situation where I must create a custom sign creator application like the one seen here: or here:
He wants to do it in flash with ASP to carry variables to the shopping cart.

I have intermediate flash skills, and beginner programming ability. Can anyone tell me what they think? Is it possible to make it in flash and pass the variables?

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Answer by sinkablehail1978
Yea it is. Just look at it like a webapp. you have a ton of ways to pass variables not the least of which are sessions and querystrings.

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  1. yes you can. Use the loadvars object in flash to pass variables back and forth between your asp (php,cfm,txt) pages and your flash movie.

    Your asp pages will output the query results as plain text in URL format.
    ex. var1=foo&var2=bar

    The loadvars object can read the output and put the variables var1 and var2 into the movie.

    actionscript dictionary

    here is a tutorial that seems to explain it fairly well

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