Question by MikkyMonster! [rawrr]: FIDM Debut Show 2008 – song for Mackenzie Purdy?
Okay, I know the question is weird, but still.
Well on the FIDM website, there’s the 2008 Dubut show.
And towards the end of the show is Mackenzie Purdy’s collection going down the runway. And I love the song that is playing for it, but I can’t here the lyrics so I can’t look it up to figure out what the song is.
Please help.

Go here:
At the top, it says “FIDM Majors”, click on it.
At the side, it says “18 Exciting Majors”, click on it.
Go down to where it says “Fashion Design”, click on it.
In the third row on the side, look for “Debut Fashion Show”.
Pick the “2008” one.
It’ll show the Debut show.
Closer to the end of the show is Mackenzie Purdy’s collection.
Listen to the song,
you may know it.

And if your wondering,
FIDM is the college I want to go to.
[Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising]

<3 Best answer:

Answer by Jen

I actually work at the college and know someone who can help you out with that question! As soon as I get the answer, I will post it!

If you have any more questions let me know!

Hope this helps 🙂

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