I do a small amount of website design in my spare time, i like the templates from places like Template Monster, and i am thinking about buying some templates from there. Would you say that some companies will buy from places like template monster and then edit it to the clients liking?

Can i do this, or is it wrong?



4 thoughts on “Do Website Design Companys sometimes buy templates and edit them?”

  1. Most website companies buy templates form other sites, as this is quicker cheaper and easier. If you buy the templates aswell, you are also purchasing a license for that template and you can change the template to suite your needs not a problem….

  2. Yes web developers sometimes will do this, you need to give credit to the place you got it from thought. Some companies use the likes of joomla, a content management system. They set it up and make a fancy theme then sell it for profit, but they have to give credit for the joomla open source code.

    Like website created and designed by your name, templete by monster templates copyright of company.

    this would be fine.

    best to make your own though 😛

  3. It is possible for some to do this. However, if you are talking about experienced company, then they would already have their own array of custom designs to modify that they have created over the years. Not to mention, that it does not take long to create a website in the first place.

  4. You should check the licence of the template (which by the way should provide you more informations about reselling it), but in most case that’s the point of buying a template isn’t ?

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