Question by allie: Design “company” names?
Im making a website for my digital art, graphic designwork, and painting stuff and i am looking to a sort of “company name”. i am in college and by no means am trying to start my own actual company, but i am looking for a more professional title to distribute my work under….but i need some help coming up with name

i was thinking AM Designs, because AM is my initials and i think it has a nice ring to it. unfortunatly, it is taken… i would just use it anyway, but im a little concerned that somewhere in the future that could cause legal problems….

So, i need your help, give me some ideas. My name is Allie and i was thinking it would be cool to somehow incorporate that into the name…any ideas are appreciated. thank you in advance 🙂

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Answer by breakable
How about AMworks, Art by Am, AMcreativity.

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  1. That is really a difficult decision that took me a long time to figure out for myself. I ended up with something very simple. My father has a company that I love the name of and you could try. His is (last name)’s by Design. He makes furniture, but it would work for any artistic endever. You could even try Allie’s by Design and make your logo with a big, swooping A and D.

    It’s a hard and very personal decision… good luck!

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