Question by Sofia: CSS color changes won’t take in Dreamweaver CS4?
I changed the background of a page from gray to white in Dreamweaver CS4 by changing the color code to #FFFFFF. In the “Design” tab within Dreamweaver, it shows up as white, but when I open the page in Firefox it’s still gray. This is after saving all the changes multiple times, undoing and redoing, double checking that I put the color code in the right spot, etc. I can’t figure out why the changes show up in the program but not when I open the page in a web browser.

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Answer by missy882
in html edit mode add the property style=”color: #FFF;” to the body tag and make sure you don’t have any div or table elements expanding the whole page. Also make sure these elements have no background color applied if they are filling the whole page. You can do this by applying the same style attribute to the latter mentioned tags but substitute the #FFF for the word ‘Transparent’. Good Luck and Happy Holidays 🙂

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