Query by Drew D: Confusion on what Web Design is?
Alright so I’m seeking a minor into my potential for occupation choices and programming is one thing I am definitely intrigued in. I was hunting into web design and I am just complicated myself.

What would I be programming with web design, what language would I be learning (php?). I just wanna know wth my job would be as a world wide web designer, and what my talents are to do to a site as one.

Also the exact same with java. What do I do with java in addition to the ability to design and style game titles?

Would you recommend studying java programming or web design programming

i know this is perplexing as **** but I am getting so dropped in this subject matter, and I desperately require some assist

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Solution by Mike
two very good languages to find out for web design are HTML and PHP, especially HTML. What web design is, is producing net pages with code. CSS is excellent for generating a lot more appealing webpages, and you can place greater actions in your page with Java. So, it all kinda goes jointly. HTML is Truly simple to understand, so i advise you start off out there. Good Luck.

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  1. Alright, well in Web Design You will be learning stuff like, HTML, FLASH, CSS, A little bit of JAVA, And endless other types of codes, I guess it all really depends on what you are interested in, as far as chosing which carrer or which TOOO Learn… I personally would take Web Page Design, but you can also take programming for like making games and such, you could make simply flash games, and then turn around and sell them or something if they are GOOOD Enough, but personally like i said i would MEEE Chose TOOO DOOO The Web Page Design… Work…

  2. There are a couple of aspects to the design
    1, the way it looks – often the job of a graphic designer to product the draft and the graphics.
    2, making it work – the real meat, you will need lots of skills and patience for this, it will include html, xhtml, css, javascript, it may include php, sql Flash, Java, ssi, PERL etc.

    The technology is changing all the time and you will need to review all your current sites for each new browser version.

    The main feature will be listening to the client and liaising with him/her.

    This business is full of competition, you will need good business skills to survive as you will find yourself competing with college kids working for peanuts.

    When it comes to the content, a good eye for detail and good spelling/language skills are useful too.

  3. Just to clear things up:

    A Web Designer – designs the page by altering it’s general looks and image. Like how a Graphic Designer alters images for logos, a Web Designer will focus on making a website look pretty. They create layouts and templates and all sorts of flashy stuff.

    A Web Developer – is more of the programming aspect of it. They focus on writing hard script that mainly deals with modifying databases and moving data around. They are behind the scenes moving things around.

    Both cross over a little bit in their field. A Web Designer knows the basics of PHP and a Web Developer knows CSS.

    But when you talk about Java, make sure you are not confusing it with Javascript! Java and C++ are both huge programming languages for creating applications. These are huge applications that can be run on operating systems. There is a high chance you will not need to know these as a Web Developer.

    Javascript on the other hand is client side scripting. It is used for dynamically changing websites.

  4. See Darasu: a good definiton to avoid confusion between Web Design and Web Development.

    I will add:

    Web Design: essentially the artistic skills and a good graphic program, such as Photoshop (the industry standard). Basic knowledge of HTML is also required to design your files in a way that the Developer can use these designs. Good MARKETING skills is also essential: too many designers have NO IDEA on how to make a site SELL (The purpose of a site!)

    Web development: that is “coding only”. Nobody listed the languages you must know (and be expert in all of them!)
    Depends on the type of server/application:
    For all: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and skills in legal and accountancy if you site offers a product or a service… Good knowledge in several “human” languages aslo if you develop multi-lingual sites…
    On a Unix/Linux server (75% of the market): Php, mysql, AJAX framework.
    On a Window server (crap and expensive, for people who have more money than brain): ASP, .net, JSP, MSSQL, IIS and AJAX.
    For mobile applications: 13 more languages, each one for a particular mobile type! (I’ll leave you to find out).
    For GAMES: Flash, java, C++, a phletore of 3D graphic programs and a few Graphic engines…
    Good luck!

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