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Click Here. Add to Shopping Cart. Check Out. This traditional approach to eCommerce works well for low-priced, impulse-oriented, and easy-to-understand products and services. However, it doesn’t work for companies selling complicated big-ticket products and services. For big-ticket sales ranging from $2,000 to $2.5 million, the add-to-shopping cart, click-here-to-check-out approach just doesn’t make sense. If you’ve been frustrated trying to force a square peg… More >>

Big Ticket Ecommerce: How To Sell High-Priced Products And Services Using The Internet

4 thoughts on “Big Ticket Ecommerce: How To Sell High-Priced Products And Services Using The Internet”

  1. This book is for anyone entering the online world of sales or for those with experience with online sales looking to boost sales.

    It’s as much a marketing and planning book as it is about online. I say that in the most positive way. Instead of just getting bogged down on the nuts and bolts, this book talks about putting a plan for building the bridge between your company and your clients in the most powerful way
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. As a relative beginner in e-commerce I was pleasantly surprised at how easy of a read Bob Regnerus’s book Big Ticket eCommerce: How to Sell High-Priced Products and Services Using the Internet was. The author’s overall take on things was pretty well scientific through processes that he and his team uncovered and discovered through years of trial and error. Bob shows us that there is much more to the game than search engine optimization and “getting hits”. You have to get leads and keep on them.

    If there was any part of Bob Regnerus’s program that might have been unorthodox I would have to say that it was that in many ways his helpful hints might even be giving away the store. (As a businessman Bob has to leave something for himself!) But the book didn’t uncover all the secrets of e-commerce: It may have told you what to do but you still have to have the knowledge and experience to know how to do it. This takes practice, experience or if you don’t have that, outsourcing where you are weak.

    From the very beginning the book proved its worth. There are many important steps the author warns us not to miss, such has setting up a lead generating website, getting good online real estate “satellite offices” (on sites like eBay, CraigsList, and YouTube) but it seems that the nuts and bolts of the job is the nitty gritty work. You have to keep on top of the stats. You have to constantly adjust to see what works and what doesn’t. You have to keep working with the keywords to see which are winners and deserve more focus and which are losers and should be immediately discarded. And of course there are practical hints about blogging, setting up online communities, Google AdWords, reciprocal links, etc. And Bob Regnerus even goes so far as to spell out the roles required to run a successful, high powered and effective e-commerce system in your own company as well as giving distinct job descriptions for each of these roles.

    The system that Bob Regnerus has developed, the Big Ticket eCommerce System, is better meant for companies who have a value to sell and not just products. This system is more suited for the more difficult sales of higher ticket items and services, although the fundamentals could work with other goods and services as well.

    In a way many parts of the book seemed as if it was an advertisement for Bob’s company and on a literary standpoint a star might be deducted for this, but at the same time Bob Regnerus is a pioneer in his field and the book really shows the vast experience he has garnished. The book is an easy read (I did it in one sitting and I am not an “expert” in his field) and it is full of good advice. Bob will get lots of good will for his business from this book.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Most people suspect that selling a service (or an expensive product) is different from selling books or jewelry. But even for someone working in Internet marketing, this book provides a unique strategy for selling high-priced items. Bob Regnerus’ strategy is to offer visitors what they’re looking for at the moment of visiting a web site, which is usually information, not an expensive item. This book teaches how to break down the sales cycle for expensive items and services, reach your target audience with the right offer at the right time, and then establish trust. The main premise is that trust is necessary for purchasing services and high-ticket items, but can’t be built in one visit. This book outlines a clear strategy for doing so, in turn helping readers sell services and expensive items online.

    The book is concise and clearly written. Thankfully, it lacks the incessant repetition marketing (especially online marketing) books usually contain. Highly recommend for any service professional with a web site or for high-end retail. And for any marketers out there, this is a must-have and finally an answer to why your clients may be having a hard time booking or selling online.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This book is the solution for those high end sellers who can’t seem to make the Internet work for them. Bob revamps the traditional online strategy and gives several ideas on how to make it work for your company. He realizes that no two industries are alike and gives solutions for all types of businesses. This book is invaluable if you want to succeed online! In this lucrative market, I’m glad to have the expertise of Bob in my corner!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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