Query by magical_bookworm: Becoming a net designer?
I am 19 and am in university and don’t truly know what I want to do. I operate at a lame job producing 6.85 an hour, but I truly feel limited to what positions I can have since of in which I live, my age, some disabilities and getting extremely occupied with college.

My Jr. calendar year in substantial school, I took a internet design class and Beloved IT. I genuinely appreciate working with pcs and I have some wonderful traits and abilities that would undoubtedly make creating net web pages straightforward. Nonetheless, I don’t want to get my self into anything a discover out that it was a massive waste of time and power.
What would I require to do to turn out to be a pro net designer (preferably self employed), what are my chances of creating it, and how very good of an notion is it?
Effectively, like I mentioned, it was my Jr. year in high university, and it was only a semester, but we did understand some html coding, labored with FrontPage and a pair of other things. Really standard, but I discovered really quick and seem to be to have a knack for it. What I want to do is commence out small, just making some standard net websites for little firms or men and women (I have a buddy who needs to make the graphics), then gradually broaden my range of options by using classes and understanding new applications and these kinds of. Considering that I’m younger and in faculty, I’m in no hurry, so if I consider a few of courses each semester, then in a couple of a long time, I might know enough to increase my companies.
Ultimately, I would like to learn some personal computer languages and mess about with computer software programing but that is a maybe.
I just want to know if you guys believe its a very good thought and one thing to peruse.
Most of the function we did was on notepad. Fun =D, but simplistic

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Check out w3 educational institutions. It is absolutely free of charge and you can operate at your personal tempo. I use it as reference substance. This will help you get commenced.

Your limit will be your degree of enthusiasm.

W3 are the men and women who spec out every single new iteration of the HTML markup language. They offer the ‘schools’ internet site as an formal resource of information regarding it.

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  1. Go to a place like lynda.com and watch web design videos, until you were confident in your skills. Then create your personal website so you can start advertising your services. Make it the best looking website you can. Then go to places like guru.com and freelance.

    If you go through lynda.com and you are able to create nice websites, then you will be able to make it in the web design world. Keep your rates reasonable at first till you have a few sites in your portfolio. Then you will be off to the races.

    Good Luck!

  2. well this depends on a few things
    if you want to design visually, or use codes, like javascript, do you want to code webpages? or just make them look kewl?

    are you creative? like a fasion model for web pages you needs to have a certain knack for it( again, like designing clothing)

    do you have the determination? web disign like almost everything else takes a lot of time and patience, so if those are some things that you don’t have then you need to work in an area more fast pased, or something you are already good at

    you can take my opinions if you like, but i want to let you know that i am NOT a professional web designer, i just practice some javascript coding ( im working my way to c++, since javascript is easier i’m starting with it ) however i do know of web design, i have taken classes that inform me a lot of about this area, plus since i am on the computer quite a lot then that also helps
    but im sure the best help for you is from an actual web designer
    so if you don’t like my suggestions, and you don’t get a good answer here ( which given the website, it’s resources, and the question i find to be unlikely ) then you can just do a search on google or yahoo or whatever for a professional web designer, and e-mail them hoping they will respond with the answers you need

    hope i helped

  3. 1) You took a web DESIGN class (graphics) or a web DEVELOPMENT (code) class? The two are not only totally different, they use different halves of the brain.

    2) To learn web development, you’ll have to devote considerable time, so wait until you’re out of school to start getting serious. You need to learn computer programming (http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0130224189/ref=pd_bbs_sr_olp_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1212765521&sr=8-1 is the best book I’ve ever found for that), HTML, CSS, Javascript, php, SQL. You should learn the AJAX technology.

    Other than the one book (the last copy I bought cost less than $ 6 including shipping), it’s all on the web. There a lot of good tutorials. (Learning to find them should be part of your education – you’re going to have to find a lot of things as a web developer.)

    Set up a web server on your computer, so you can play – that’s the fastest way to learn. I prefer Uniform Server, but aside from the way security is set (not important if you’re not putting it out to the world), XAMPP is the same thing.

    You can use Notepad Plus for your text editor – it’s about all you’ll need (other than a graphics program, if you want to do your own graphics – I never do.)

    To learn web design you just need to be an artist. Graphic art is graphic art, whether in ink, oil or pixels.

  4. Let me tell you with my experience.

    I don’t think that, by definition, I am a “professional” web designer, but damn it, I’m pretty close. I don’t do it for a living but that’s because I’m only 14, lol.

    Here’s my latest work:

    I made this web design for another dude on my MSN contacts list with Paint Shop Pro and Notepad++. It’s in valid XHTML 1.1 Strict.

    Whether or not you are obsessed with valid compliance like I am, I can definitely tell you that you do not need to use Photoshop, or Dreamweaver, or any equally as popular software. Use whatever programs you want. I actually recommend you to manually code up these designs yourself in XHTML 1.0 Transitional using a text editor and a graphics editor of your choice, at least at the beginning. This way you will become very familiar with the coding of your own site and will be able to tweak everything to just how you want it. You can use web-creating programs (like Dreamweaver) when you are familiar and have gotten used to coding sites yourself.

    The programs you will want are as follows:
    – Your most familiar, easiest-to-use graphics editor (to me, this is Paint Shop Pro, but to most, it is Photoshop)
    – Notepad++ (or Notepad2, or TextPad, or any other programmers text editor of your choice that you find on the web)
    – If you are interested in a web editor, try Adobe Dreamweaver or a similar program of equal quality or maybe that is easier to use. I am telling you right now not to use Microsoft Frontpage as it is very nasty.

    I’m telling you right now that making web sites that work with Internet Explorer, in addition to *normal* web browsers, is very hard. You’ll get it though if you think outside the box… Just like the cellpadding and cellspacing boxes, as Internet Explorer doesn’t even support these. T_T

    Always check out this site for the HTML (and XHTML) reference:

    Google any problems you might have and you can find answers from other web designers with experience.

    Your chances of making it? Full time? If you think your web sites look good, others will too. But to be honest, it can be frustrating sometimes.

    Google “search engine optimization” and look at http://www.michael-cheney.com/lesson1 through http://www.michael-cheney.com/lesson7 . There are great guides to help you with ranking your site very highly among search engines and therefore among your resulting customers.

    It’s a good idea, but I really don’t know much yet, as I’m only 14… I’ve been thinking of it as a full time job for a while.

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