Question by Sharingan616: Anyone need a free web designer?
Hey everyone,
I’m kinda new to the whole “web designer” job stuff, but I know a lot about HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, and PHP, which are languages used for building websites. Before I start charging people for money, I’d first like to build a sort of portfolio showing my past work. Except I don’t have a lot of past work lol. So I’m willing to lend myself out and build some sites for free, so I can post those sites on my website for my future clients to see. (THAT RHYMED! XD)

That all being said… anybody need a free web designer? 😀
Ah right… Billy is right lol. I am a web DEVELOPER, but I also design the sites I build 😛
Charles your answer has nothing to do with my question at all. Please read before you answer.

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Answer by Arquitect82
Wow, great way to start:)

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2 thoughts on “Anyone need a free web designer?”

  1. The big thing about designing is you need to know how to use a graphics program like Photoshop and maybe Flash. I just lost my design programs so I’m out of commission for a while but if you need some help working with these programs just email me and I’ll show you how to do it via Skype or something along those lines. You’re more of a web developer.


  2. UR not going fine 1, & if u do it’s ploy, to get u to run add’s on ur site, which is light wait, ur whined up, w doo doo, a waste of time, “awot”, Go Daddy has some low cost job’s w free trail’s

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