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  1. Thanks for the info. Here is another way of making money without a single cent to pay, instead they will pay you $25.00 if you join. just click or paste the link to your browser:. ‘paybox.me/r/cplorenzo’

  2. Welcom to Point Talk.
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  3. i signed up but i didnt get any tickbucks points ,
    i check inbox and read msg and write command even i did not get any points
    my tickbucks point is zero.

  4. check my video on how to actually make money! not a get rich quick shit but you get money on the side!! legit… click on my name its the only video i got out there so far!!

  5. @nohatevibes8 I agree, a lot of people think everything is scam when infact its not. It’s probably too good to be true to actually earn online, but hey its a very good opportunity for everybody. The only thing you need to do is to make sure it ain’t really scam. Some are opportunistic so be careful, and some are just out there to help out to make you richer so make sure to grabe the right one.

    PS: hey! just because of this comment, I got a good idea for a business. LOL

  6. I found a few websites that show lists of money makin’ tools that work, I’ve put the links on my channel. Anyone can make online money but only those who try will succeed. That’s what a lot of you don’t understand, some rather complain about scams than making money.

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