Question by crushinator01: Why do you still believe anything George Bush says about Iraq?
Looking back he has not gotten one of his predictions on what will happen in Iraq right so far. Lets review

“I strongly believe he was trying to reconstitute his nuclear weapons program.” – UNTRUE

Mission accomplished- 3483 American casualties after this was said.

Bush, 05/2006.
“We have now reached a turning point in the struggle between freedom and terror.”

Bush, 12/2005.
“2005 will be recorded as a turning point in the history of Iraq … and the history of freedom.”

Bush, 5/2005.
“Good news to the men and women who fought … their mission is complete.”

lets not forget Cheney

Cheney, 3/2003.
“I think it’ll go relatively quickly, …Weeks rather than months.”

Cheney, 5/2005.
“They’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency.”
there are many more
But my question is this: Why do you believe anything this man says? He says “They will follow us home” and people believe him, He hasn’t been right yet.
Curtis, you think Bush and cheney DIDN”T say these things? so the millions of people who remember hearing them, and the video evidence is wrong? I guess you’re idea of politics is ignore the truth and say the facts are made up.
YA are you saying over 3000 americans haven’t died since the war began? or people aren’t dying in Iraq right now? Bush does have access to information I don’t, but that doesn’t change the fact these things he said are wrong.
The fact that some people still say Iraq attacked us on 9/11 shows they have no idea whats going on. That is very sad.
last thing I’m going to say on this. Bush did say these things, and he was wrong. thats called facts not a partisan viewpoint. I defy anyone to chose any one of these quotes and prove with a legitimate source, (not conservapedia) Bush was right. Go ahead

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Answer by John Q
I don’t believe anything the clown says

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19 thoughts on “Why do you still believe anything George Bush says about Iraq?”

  1. he speaks to us as if we are children and he is our father who needs to explain these complex things to us. And the thing is….he is full of SH!T

  2. Because he has more knowledge and clearance concerning these issues than someone such as yourself on Y/A has. Infact he has the highest clearance of anyone, like I said before, the US people know less than half of what he does.

  3. On 9/11, they attacked us on our own soil. If we abandon the fight against them in Iraq and Afghanistan, they most certainly will put their efforts forth to strike us again.

    Pretending that what goes on halfway around the world doesn’t affect us is what got us 9/11, and you seem hellbent on returning the US to a 9/10 posture.

  4. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

    If he went on national television right now and told me the sky was blue, I would run to a window and check for myself.

  5. Does this make a difference the way the DEM’s have undermined our troops sold them out after sending them over there.At least Bush hasn’t enabled the enemy with non support of our troops while in the time of war. An talking about right he’s 1 person look at all the DEM”s not 1 has been right on anything they have done.Look at the shamnesty bill you are proud of that 1 right.

  6. Because all you said is taken out of context. Yes, he messed up in thinking the Iraqis would stand up for themselves. Most of us think for ourselves so it doesn’t matter what George says. We know you do not like him. Fine, now please shut up. Peace

  7. absolute distortion and omissions

    this coming from a whanker that had the nerve to submit..he supports the Demo congress…because

    ” I support them but then again I understand how the American government works unlike the majority of Americans. ”

    you understand about patronage and redistribution ..nothing more nothing less

  8. I didn’t like him for president when he announced that he
    was seeking that office. Anytime I expressed my discontent
    no matter how mild, some smart a** would chime in with a
    smart remark. To those same people-what ever dark corner
    your hiding in- I send your remark wright back to you.
    “he’s the president. Get used to it” Ha ha ha! Just like
    General Custer. You had it coming.

  9. How dare you question what our president said. If he said the mission is complete then it is and Iraq is safe for democracy.

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