Question by Julie C: Where can I find “Authentium” and successfully remove it?
I am trying to update my Verizon Online Protection and have been unsuccessful because it says that I need to remove “Authentium” from my computer. I have deleted temp. internet files and this did not help. I don’t know what program “Authentium” is in. Can anyone help based on their experience with this?
It does not give an exact location, and I can’t find the program it would be in when trying the add/remove programs. I also tried searching it on my computer and came up with nothing.

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Answer by Webman™
Does it give an exact location on your PC? Search for it in Add/Remove Programs.

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3 thoughts on “Where can I find “Authentium” and successfully remove it?”

  1. Authentium is also known as a trojan downloader. In other words, it is spyware that is apparently interferring with your Verizon application. Get SuperAntiSpyware and run it. It should remove this. Then keep SAS updated every week and run it weekly to keep this kind of junk out of your computer.

  2. I had loads of spyware problems, and after days of removing them using hijack this and spybot, all that was left was the authentium stuff. I did find it in my program files/common files. BUT it would not be deleted, and did not appear on my add/remove programmes list.

    SO, last night I decided to delete my virgin media PC Guard anti spyware, anti-virus etc (I was pissed off with it allowing all this spyware onto my pc), and guess what – the authentium stuff went too!

    I think it might be there as part of anti-virus programmes from OTHER companies. Authentium seems to be an authentic company, and so I think other companies contract their stuff?

    Hope this is helpful.

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