Question by nk_rso: what do you think about those Georgia RSO having to leave the state?
“Thousands of people on Georgia’s sex offender registry will be forced to evacuate their homes, leave their jobs, cease attending church services, and be required, by legislative fiat, to abandon court-mandated treatment programs,” the lawsuit says.

sound like NAZI do you agree?

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Answer by n K
yep state of Georgia sound like Nazi like they did to the jews

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One thought on “what do you think about those Georgia RSO having to leave the state?”

  1. Key difference, the Nazi regime targeted INNOCENT persons based on mental illness, old age, and ethnicity. All these traits are involuntarily acquired. Registered sex offenders (referring to them as RSO conveniently diminishes the emotional effect of using the actual term) have voluntarily committed crimes against innocent victims and society. I’m not talking about the rare offenders that are registered because of something that probably shouldn’t be on the list of offenses. (Why don’t you ever cite examples of the other end of the spectrum of offenders when making your argument??)

    I hope they don’t have to leave Georgia though, primarily because I don’t live there and don’t want them coming to my state.

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