Question by Zack’s Girl ♥: Was Jane Elliot’s study ethical? Why or why not?
If you don’t know the Jane Elliot (Blue-eyed/Brown-eyed) study, I’ll explain it here and provide the link. I am writing an essay and I know what I think, but am not sure how to back it up.

Summary of the study: Jane Elliot, the teacher of a 3rd grade class, did a study with her students. She was teaching them about discrimination. She told her class on the first day that blue eyed people are better and smarted than brown eyed people. She applied segregation to the class that way for the day. The children immediately started acting as if this were true. The next day in class she told them she had lied and really brown eyed people were better and smarted. The same things took place as the day before.

Here is a link with more in-depth information:
To watch the video, simply click ” watch the program” at the top of the page, underneath the picture.

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Answer by becca127
I dont really know the answer to your question but I think that the children responded and believed her because they saw her as someone who they trusted and had a power over them. Quite intresting investigation though.

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