Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming

Demonstrates how to add Internet capabilities to Windows programs and produce Internet utilities and software components with coverage of basic technologies, programming tools, and more sophisticated topics. (Intermediate).True or false: Internet applications can only be written by Unix gurus with PhDs in C++ and an insatiable thirst for Jolt cola. False! If you are a reasonably good Visual Basic programmer, this book will help you master Internet protocols such as TCP/IP/ Windows S

Rating: (out of 8 reviews)

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5 thoughts on “Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming”

  1. Review by for Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming Rating: I read this book a few months ago. To be honest, I’ve learned a lot about Internet protocols so 8 should be the rate. BUT ! Please do not intitulate a book “Visual Basic 4.0…” when all code samples are written in VB3.0. Classes in VB4 could have been a great help to encapsulate code to manipulate Sockets, POP3, SMTP, etc…

  2. Review by for Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming Rating: Written by one of the two author’s of Carl & Gary’s Visual
    Basic Home Page (a premier site for all things Visual Basic). This is an in depth look at how to program anything for the Internet. However, rather than the usual how to put up your own home page drivel coming from most authors, Carl instructs you how to set up E-Mail Apps, FTP Apps, as well as Gopher, Usenet, etc. If you need to learn how to do it, Carl tells you. Additionally, he instructs the reader in the various protocols, including Windows sockets, TCP/IP, and HTTP. As if that wasn’t enough he has also included a CD-ROM with sample (working) apps that demonstrate all the techniques in the book. This was written for Visual Basic version 4, so his apps work to that end. Including an OLE based format. A must have for all VB programmers.

  3. Review by for Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming Rating: Carl Franklin is an outstanding writer and speaker. His book is very informative, but it requires third-party tools to access the Internet and doesn’t give you much “how does it work” information.Visual Basic really isn’t the right language for Internet programming, anyway, but if you’re in need of writing tools for your own (or company) use, this is not a bad buy.

  4. Review by for Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming Rating: this book gives you a shareware 3rd party control to do all internet access with …. it teaches nothing about winsock and how to use it just how to use this 3rd party control…. if i had know this ahead of time i would not have wasted my money

  5. Review by for Visual Basic 4 0 Internet Programming Rating: Sorry, I must disagree. Yes this book was well written, and yes the program samples were nicely layed out, but the whole scheme was not a practicle learning tool. The majority of the internet protocols were handled by the demo ocx called dssock32.ocx. I did not see any code of this ocx, well perhpas bits and chunks but nothing that could be of use. This book showed how to become reliant on someone elses hard work without giving you, the programmer, the ability to create your own internet applications. I would suggest this book to everyone if they are looking for a well written book that lacks in practicalities in the programming world.

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