Question by Jimmbbo: When barry’s “energy program” kicks in and causes fuel to hit a gallon, will it be caused 0bamagas?

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Answer by Jules Winnfield: Philosopher
We can call it jimmyboy gas if you like. varoom!

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14 thoughts on “Q&A: When barry’s “energy program” kicks in and causes fuel to hit $7 a gallon, will it be caused 0bamagas?”

  1. Liberals will blame it on Bush.

    Everything for the next 6 years will be Bush’s fault – Everything – according to Liberals.

  2. If gas hit 7 dollars a gallon I couldn’t afford to work. 200+ dollars a week to fill it up, with low grade gas.

    Isn’t that ironic? Not being able to afford to go to work, rofl — crazy thought but it’s probably going to be that way by the end of this year.

  3. Sounds great.

    I don’t and wouldn’t have a car, so every dime you pass to your beloved oil companies and centralized government just adds that much more entertainment.

    And when you cry publicly and blame politicians for your duped rich class corporate dependencies, I only know just what I’m seeing.

    (Noted was your free auto ads on your link. Go for it.)

  4. Well for once let him do it , if these people want a commie light so bad make them pay out the azz until the next election.

  5. Hey its $13.00 a liter in Europe and that is only a quart more than our gallon! There are no behemoth cars/trucks there either!

    Hope it does then you can park your Hummer on our front lawn for a planter!

  6. even harvard studies show that his plan will make gas cost a minimum of 7 a gallon. that puts me out of work. i drive for a living and cant afford that kind of money unless you all start paying 150-400% more for any good or services.

    hope you like $10 eggs, 25 for cheese, 80 for milk. i mean seriously this idiot is looking to push people to the edge.

    i mean with everything clinton did wile in office you could still respect him as a leader. this jackass i mean i cant even respect him anymore he is a joke.

  7. Make it 20 and call it the reason it’s Treason. Vote out all incumbents in NOV. Raise the tuition to the DoE’s favorite universities. See how fast all his sheep will turn carnivorous.

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