Q&A: Should I take a “Computer Programming” course next year?

Question by GND: Should I take a “Computer Programming” course next year?
Hello! It’s my senior year next year and Ive decided to sacrifice a fun elective and switch into “Computer Programming”. The only reason Im taking this course is b/c I have absolutely no idea what I want to pursue when I graduate h.s. Nowadays, obtaining a job is extremely difficult, and I figured going into computers is a good career move. I thought I might as well try it out and see if it’s right for me. However, I have no experience with Java or C++ or anything computer related. To be honest, it’s not even interesting for me. Im in a class of experienced freshmen, which makes matters worse! Im the only girl as well.

I dont know what Im going to do when I walk into that class. Im not even that intelligent, and math is probably my weakest subject. Im not familiar with the computer language, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and tell me how difficult it is/what exactly Java/C++ is.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance 🙂

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If it’s not interesting to you, my suggestion is do NOT take the class.

Computer programming is hard enough for people who LIKE that stuff. For those who don’t, it’s BORING!

Find something you enjoy doing, and take a class in that.

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  1. java, i kinda slacked off in when i took it, But I loved c++ And wish i stuck with it out of high school.

    I am currently a web developer/ designer which is fun too.
    But yes computer programing does have its fun, but also has its hair pulling experiences too.

  2. You should know how to program yes. Don’t expect to get a job as a beginner programmer though. You need years of experience before you are hireable. I can code in 5 languages but apparently nobody seems to care when I go to apply for an IT job lol. You should work on open source projects to get some experience under your belt and make a name for yourself. Nobody cares if they can’t see tangible evidence of your work. You also want to put programming to practical use, such as applying it to databases. Nobody cares if you can program a calculator or notepad, that’s not practical in a hiring situation. You will need to know more than programming though, you need to know how to apply that programming to certain other software such as SQL and Oracle databases as well as web servers. You should becomes certified with that software as well as become certified in the operating systems you will be working with.

    As for a starting language, you might want to go with C or C#. C++ is way too complicated to start out with if you have never programmed before. Here is some great free software devleopment packages to start off learning with: http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/

  3. Maybe I can answer your question, maybe I can’t. One of the things I found in “Computer Information Systems”, is that a good set of “logic” and sentence structure or what is called “syntax” was much more important then the math part. Math formulas were for the most part secondary. Yeah go for it. Syntax is very important and you have to be detail oriented, in other words you have to be step by step instructional. Don’t it is some what like your boy friend, you tell him what to do step by step. No different then a computer then.

  4. 1.Try to go for something you are interested in.
    1.If you are hardworking, language should not be that difficult for you.You have to start enjoying with computers if you want to pursue a career in this stream.

  5. include
    using namespace std;

    int sayThis()
    cout<<"It seems that this isn't the right thing for you. Look for something you enjoy, and try to pursue a career in that, even if it doesn't pay much, it's better to work at something you love than something you hate. You're reaching the end of your high school, it's about time you make some rash decisions"<

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