Question by slothums: Learning Microsoft Expression Design (as a graphic designer)?

I work for a software company, and a new task I’ve taken on requires me to learn to use Expression Design. I’ve looked and looked for good training courses and books but am coming up pretty empty-handed. (Not that I haven’t found any at all, but what I’m finding is pretty limited, and the books aren’t getting the greatest reviews.)

So, are there any designers out there who have already been through this and can recommend good resources for learning how to use Expression Design?

If this info helps: I’m “fluent” in the Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver) and have done some limited “programming” work with html, css, the easy stuff. I am graphically oriented but am capable of learning the more techy skills if needed. So I’m really going into this as a designer, not a programmer.

I’m definitely not looking for someone to do a search on Amazon or Google for me. I’m looking for someone with experience with this issue who can provide helpful advice.

I should probably reiterate… I’m talking about Expression DESIGN. (Not Blend, or Web)
Although if you have discovered resources that apply to all that may be helpful too- as long as Design is in there. 🙂 Thanks!

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Answer by rod
I went to a Microsoft seminar a few months ago that discussed Expressions along with Silverlight and a couple other things. I’m trying to recall the guys website, becuase it had several good resources. If I find it at work tomorrow, I’ll edit this to include it.

Meanwhile, Expressions is new enough that I’d imagine there aren’t a lot of experienced developers out there. I’d recommend going to the source for now.

That link is for Microsoft training tutorials and videos.

I know it’s not first hand help but maybe you’ll find something useful there.

hope it helps

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  1. Hello,

    I’m a professional web developer with a BFA in Commercial Art in Graphic Design, and I too am a Web Designer, more importantly I know what your going thru.

    So Expression Web.. Honestly, It’s a great tool, loads faster, renders pages faster, than Dreamweaver 8/CS3, it is standards compliant and has built in validation tools, and CSS styles for web “design”. Also, like Visual Studio & Express Editions, has that nice built in server for dynamic development, (if you haven’t worked with it yet).

    To sum up, if you can work Dreamweaver, and Office you should get thru this with no problems, though I would recommend playing with the controls. I myself work a bit in C# for controls but nothing super high level.

    It’s great your moving this direction, not a lot of designers are, because it’s “Microsoft” and it’s “evil”, are the usual replys from my fellow designers.

    One more final note, to fully use the program you might want to learn a little C# (don’t go with if you don’t know any programming to start). Also check out the sites below for tips and training, works for me: (Expression Web only) (has Expression Web, and Blend only).

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