Question by Miles: I should do fine taking a Java and a Visual Basic class in the same semester. Help.?
I don’t know anything about computer programming. I’m taking an intro programing course which has an intro to programming with a focus on Java. The second class is focused just on Visual Basic. The only “programming” I’ve had is html…may or may not.

Anyway, it shouldn’t be a big deal taking an Intro to prog + Java and a VB class, right? I’ll learn everything.

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Answer by thebody44
Luckily, both Java and VB do a good job of garbage collection without much user intervention, so the concepts you will learn (declaring variables, initializing variables, using variables, modularization…) should be similar between the two classes. The main differences you’ll experience are syntax – this will be the toughest thing to keep straight since you’re just starting to learn both. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it can definitely be done.

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  1. You should complete a programming course (programming, not a programming language) before you take any programming language courses.

    Then you should take one language course at a time. the problem with taking Java and VB at the same time is that you’re not only learning two totally different languages, you’re learning tow totally different ways of programming. You’ll end up knowing just enough of each that you’ll be writing VBish code in Java and Java-isn code in VB. And bad code in both, sionce you didn’t learn programming. (“Introduction to programming” focusing on a language – any language other than English [or whatever your native language is] is only taught by people who know nothing about programming.)

    Oh, and HTML has nothing to do with computer programming – it’s a content description language.

  2. it’s like learning Chinese and Japanese at the same time, albeit close, quite tedious. In programming, the logic is the same most of the time, the difference is the syntax. you may confuse the entering of syntax.I suggest familiarize yourself first with one then take the other. I have learned the following languages throughout my educational career, in order – FoxPro (pseudo programming), Pascal, BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, Assembly (using Zilog), and Hardware Descriptive Language (using Verilog).

    Basically, the interface, features, and syntax differed, but the logic is the same. To create a program to add two numbers, most of the time, it has the following code: a = b+c (except for Assembly and HDL).

    But if you’re just going to take Introduction to Progr. with Java + VB, I gurss you’ll be just fine.

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