Q&A: I can’t open internet explorer unless I “Run as administrator?

Question by Lee: I can’t open internet explorer unless I “Run as administrator?
There wasn’t any problem this morning and now I can’t open my internet? I double click Internet explorer and then a small window pops up saying:

Microsoft Windows
Internet explorer has stopped working

“Close Program”

And that’s it I can’t access the web page.

The reason I can access it now is because I right clicked the internet explorer icon and run as administrator but somehow I can only open this one window and I’m afraid that if I close this window I might not be able to access the internet so please can anyone please help me! as long as I can still access it right now.

Windows Vista 32 bit
Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer 8

Best answer:

Answer by Light Cloud
I’m not sure why this would be.

However, if you’re completely out of options, you can try one of the following:
1) Install a different browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, etc).

2) You can reset IE back to default settings. It’s under Tools -> Internet Options –> Advanced –> Reset. If you can’t find the Tools menu, press Alt to get the toolbar to show up at the top. However, this will likely delete all your bookmarks, saved settings, favorites, history, cookies, etc.

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1 thought on “Q&A: I can’t open internet explorer unless I “Run as administrator?

  1. Click on the START button, then on RUN. In the box type in: inetcpl.cpl
    Then press ENTER or click OK. This brings up INTERNET PROPERTIES.
    Click on the ADVANCED tab.
    Move down and click on the RESET button.
    In the window which opens, put a check-mark in the box which says
    “Delete personal settings” and then click on the RESET button.

    Close out all windows and then click on Internet Explorer to open it.
    The problem should be solved.

    Your Favorities will be saved, but not the settings which you had changed.

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