Question by rhwendland78: How do I get a “contact us” link to take me to my yahoo mail, instead of outlook espress???.?
I already tried going to “programs” under internet options (under tools) but the only other option there was “windowns live mail” I know this can be done because my old computer did it

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Answer by hutson
This will work if you’re using Windows XP, but I’m not sure if it does with Vista.

To make Yahoo! Mail the default email application for your computer, click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab (or on Internet Explorer toolbar click Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab) > under E-mail click the down arrow and select Yahoo! Mail > click Apply and OK.

If Yahoo! Mail isn’t listed as a default email option, installing Yahoo! Messenger (install everything that comes with it, especially Yahoo! Browser Services), will add Yahoo! Mail to the list of email options, and if you don’t want it, uninstall it ( it will leave Yahoo! as an email option ).

If you already have Yahoo! Messenger, re-install it. If you don’t want Yahoo! Messenger and uninstall it, it should leave Yahoo! Mail in the list of email options.

You can download Yahoo! Messenger here:

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