Q&A: Email form project ,html? programs/programmers/IT people?

Question by Massive Mexican: Email form project ,html? programs/programmers/IT people?
Hi to anyone who views this,

i have a project at work and i cant seem to figure out how to do it.

My boss wants me to take this company form, which is used to keep track of the companies contractors that are used to do jobs for us, and some how make it so that he can email the form to them and the contractor can fill it out and email it back.

now i know that’s not that hard i was thinking of using acrobat at first but then, my boss said that on the form the contractor informs the company about the insurance and building licenses etc. and when they expire.

so my boss wants it so that somehow when the contractor email the form back, filled out, “a program,” outlook, or something else lets him know when the things are about to expire and that a reminder pops up to let him know to contact the contractor to ask him about renewing the license. now he tells me he gets so many that he cant check each one by one so he wants it to be automatic, that is what he wants me to figure out. any ideas??
what about infopath?

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Answer by Kevin Ohashi
Sounds like a relatively simple programming job. Someone will need to program an interface with a form (presumably hidden/password protected). Once a user submits a form it would go into a database keeping track of licenses. Lastly, a cron job would have to be run every X hours or days to check if licenses are valid and send your boss emails whenever they are close.

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