Question by El Sueño: Does the answer to illegal immigration cross our borders, and is it critical that we “answer” it immediately?
With the Chinese seeking to develop a “world economic order,” with Mexico as a key ally, and the Mexicans seeing China as an example of how a poor country can rise to economic superpower status (, Americans may soon not need to worry about illegal aliens. But we may have other things to worry about. Might our answer to illegal aliens also be tied to our “future” security? Might we be the economic ally that could invest in Mexico (as China is now doing), and at the same time develop “guest worker training programs” INSIDE Mexico (similar to ’70s and ’80s Asian refugee camps in the Philippines) to develop a legal tax-paying base of trained Latino workers? In fact, with proper investment in Mexico (displacing the Chinese), Mexico would work WITH us in shutting down our Southern border as they shut down THEIR Southern border to illegal Central American crossings. Mexico WILL become an economic ally or enemy. Should we have as much foresight as China?
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  1. As someone said “you don’t have to be nice to people on the way up, if you’re not planning on coming down again”. Maybe this culture will find a way of changing before its too late.

  2. But every country have to try to rise there economy even america is still trying make economy rise to become better state for thier people and what is good for english and americans that theire is no more foreginers in thier country.

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