Question by bruce: do you hate when “the internet” is mentioned on tv?
like in the news or on tv programmes.

“because of something she READ ON THE INTENET”

They don’t sound like they even know what they’re talking about. It all sounds so ominous…
Or they make out that everyone on the internet is lame and believes everything they read.

“I read it on the internet” is such an embarrassing thing to say these days when it shouldn’t be. Like there aren’t reliable sources or anything
oh my god i’m SO sorry I did a typo. Please forgive me. I guess if I wasn’t on THE INTERNET, this unfortunate event wouldn’t have happened.

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Answer by dollarbillster™
yes i hate it!!

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: do you hate when “the internet” is mentioned on tv?”

  1. If they mention the source then I find it interesting and sometime I will look it up. If they just say they read it on the internet, then it goes in one ear and out the other.

  2. the internet has bad press because of the undoubted huge amount of not so savoury things on it and sadly it clouds all the informitive factual sites. the internet has enabled huge amounts of people to share information at the touch of a button-instead of waiting to read the next days papers, it hits the net immediately, THIS takes away its credability sadly

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