Q&A: Counter Strike: Source Problem?

Question by Berethor: Counter Strike: Source Problem?
Whenever I try to launch my css from steam i always get this message:

“The instruction at “0x000000000” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”. Click OK to terminate program.”

Does anybody know how to fix it? Its p!ssing me off D:

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Answer by the_giant_liver
I had exactly the same problem with Half-Life 2. I tried uninstalling but that didnt work – in the end I un-installed and re-installed Steam, then ‘remove local content’ for Half Life 2, then just downloaded the updates again. Try that, hope it works.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Counter Strike: Source Problem?

  1. Try deleting your clientregistry.blob in your main steam folder.
    That, or you may be having some memory issues.

  2. Sorry, I have no idea about these things. But since I’m your very close friend (you wish!) I will just answer this question.

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