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The author team of Julia Bradley and Anita Millspaugh remain the guiding light in Programming with Visual Basic 2008 for countless students around the world. How better to master the most popular object-oriented programming language than to use the bestselling textbook? Be at the cutting edge of technology with examples, feedback questions, and a full Hands On Programming Example. Apply the concepts yourself with Case Studies and Exercises. Screen captures, step-b… More >>

Programming in Visual Basic 2008 2008

4 thoughts on “Programming in Visual Basic 2008 2008”

  1. First courses in Visual Basic cover the same fundamental topics, so the textbooks follow suit. Furthermore, since the programming activities are also generally the same, there are few differences in that area. This book is no exception. Therefore, the only differentiating characteristic that VB textbooks have is the quality of the exposition and the figures/diagrams.

    This book ranks among the best in terms of the exposition yet ranks much lower than others regarding the quality of the diagrams. Unlike other books where the diagrams are color screenshots of what appears on the screen, in this book all of the illustrations are gray. While this is generally not an issue, it certainly can be the case when the topic is the properties of the object that are colors or when color is significant in the display of the form. As a veteran of teaching VB, I can attest to the fact that some beginning students find this important.

    Therefore, while I consider this book to be more than adequate as a text, there are circumstances where it is demonstrably inferior to others that utilize color images.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Explains steps thoroughly, in multiple ways. Only complaint is sometimes too much repeating a different way to do the step you just did.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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