Question by maxmini: Please tell me it ain’t so! Internet security is all “crap”?
I have lost all faith in internet security, especially when it comes to shopping on line or paying with your credit card. I am told that my password, etc, etc, is foolproof and that nobody can hack my information. But this is what I think. Take a computer “virus”. When it occurs we are told to buy a “program” that will erase it. How is it possible that a program already exist for a virus? I believe that
the very “company” that makes the “antivirus” program, (secretely and criminally) also cause the “virus” to infect the internet, so that they can sell the antivirus. Also, when you ask for support on “line” if you need assistance to fix a computer/program problem, the agent asks you to give him/her all sort of information such as you name, birth, address, and password…these people then reassure you that everything is being monitored for security purpose and that the information you give them will remain “secure”. Oh, yes! It maybe so, but who is to stop “these” agents from (secretly) keeping all the information you give them, and sell it to a third party/hacker not associated
with the company or server who can then use it to steal your identity or have access to your finances? By the way many of these ” on line support people” that help us fix the problem and to whom we give all the information they need, are mostly from China, India, Pakistan..because of cheaper wages. And by the way, even government files are broken into? By whom, you say? Wake up IT IS AN INSIDE JOB !!

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i agree

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  1. /facepalm.

    Your so ignorant.

    Companies dont want viruses in their data so they buy anti-viruses. The anti-virus companies do not make viruses, they do not have to. Viruses come from people who want to exploit people and steal credit card numbers and gain thousands of dollars for themselves. They detect viruses by monitoring activity and behavior of certain files and use an algorithm to pick them up. They call this a signiture.

    Now, the agents that give you support need that information to verify they are giving support to someone who actually bought their system. This is because the company whos is outsourcing the support is making sure their money is spent correctly. Why outsource? because the only requirement for being a level 1 tech is knowing how to read english and speak. Why? because they have a knowledge base where they type in the problem and get a solution. Thats it. And its not worth american minimum wage because the skill set is so low.

    now please, go learn something.

  2. Internet Security Software is not crap, if it really happens like what you said, then it is most likely a rogue software.
    More info on Rogue Software can be found here
    Reliable Internet Security software will not do that, instead, they provide reliable protection against internet threats.
    Antivirus is part of internet security.
    Download malwarebytes antimalware to scan for threats on your computer.
    What is the company of your internet security software? Is it Symantec, is it Grisoft, or Kaspersky, Mcafee, F-secure, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Comodo?
    Make sure that your internet security software come from a reliable source, don’t download questionable files.
    Rogue Security Software are one of the most common malware today.

  3. Here’s what i’ve learned. Installing antiviruses is not enough to keep you safe over the internet.. You have to recognize the threats and avoid them.. don’t just let antiviruses do the whole job for you.. It’s not hard to recognize spams or malicious emails, is it? And why would you believe you won $ 1million on an online lottery (and give out your email add and password, bank account number and credit card info) if you did not join online lottery at all? Antiviruses can’t protect us if we are always deliberately giving evil hackers a chance.

  4. Yeah right.

    You know all this stuff, yet you need online support to get your computer fixed! lol.
    Go read a book dude, any book.
    There is nothing wrong with being ignorant, EXCEPT when it is paired up with arrogance..

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