Question by Chris T: “Open with” in Internet explorer?
In Internet explorer under XP, when right clicking on a link to a Word document, and doing “open in new window”, it opens in another explorer window and not in Word. I do not see a choice to have Word as default instead of Explorer. My choices after right-clicking are: “Open”, “Open With”, “Save target”, “Print Target”. There is no “Choose program” choice. Thanks!
Hi, thanks, but there is no “Open with” choice in the list that appears after right clicking on the link.
That’s the problem. I used to have this choice but not anymore. I’ve run a couple of Microsoft updates. Could that be the problem? How can I restore the original setting please.
Thanks again, in File type for the “doc” extension, I have the Microsoft Word program. I have the same pb for Excel files for example. The list of choices available when right clicking on the link are: Open, Open in New window, Save target as, print target, cut, copy, copy shortcut, paste, add to favorites, properties. The link is a real world document, and if I save it to the hard disk and then open it, it will open in MS word. Thanks all.
I can’t find icon editor on my IE bar …
thanks all, it’s in folder options, “advanced”, disable all the radio buttons and it works….

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Answer by kevin j
try open with and search for word

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4 thoughts on ““Open with” in Internet explorer?”

  1. go to open with. and find microsoft word. it should be in
    C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office (find the .exe file.)
    Or you can open a new Microsoft word document and then go to file
    open, find the file you’re trying to open, and it’ll work.

  2. Try this:

    In explorer window, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, find the type assocated with the word file. From there you can select the program to open it.

  3. Quite simple
    on the top menu bar of IE you will find editor icon too.
    if you wan’t whole document to be opened in word then just click the opetion of editor, you get to editing features of word.

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