Question by samurai_army0: Ok, Ive made my own website using HTML, but I just have one thing i need to figure out…?
So Ive made my own website using HTML and the program “notepad” (just regular ol’ notepad haha). And since Im still kind of a n00b at HTML and webdesign, I dont really know how to make it an actual site where people can go to and such hehe.

Like, its all finished, I just dont know how to upload it to the internet so-to-speak.

Anyone know what Im talkin about and could help?

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Answer by rchilly2000
you need to buy a domain or get one for free from websites like angelfire. this domain gives you the web address so you can upload your files there. yahoo sells domains. good luck!

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  1. You don’t nessesarily have to have a domain. You can find a free host such as Angelfire, freewebs, or something similar and simply host it there.

    The domain name is a bit flashier but not required. They can be had for cheap however, I pay something like 12 bucks a year through for my Domain registration.

  2. I usually recommend for free websites. They allow you to upload your pages either with FTP or with a fancy schmancy online form. They give you plenty of space. No banners or popups (although I haven’t used them in a while so that may have changed).

    And you get a much shorter URL than you would get with geocities for example.

    They have a couple dozen domain names so you can get something other than

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