Question by Queen Lucy The Valiant: My Syllabus Paper includes—>”Introductory Programming”….?
What does that subject refers to i mean is it JAVA?C++?C? What is it really? I want a prescribed Textbook and it’s author name, i prefer Indian Author’s textbook especially but if there’s no scope i would go for other’s texbooks… so please can you guide me which textbook would be good to read for this “Introductory Programming”?

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Answer by Colanth
If it’s being taught correctly, it refers to the science of computer programming, not to a programming language. The textbook that would be best is the one used to teach the course, but you could start with (it’s a .pdf file, it’s free and it’s the best programming course ever written – by the man who invented Pascal, Modula2, Ada and other languages.)

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