Question by William: My COMP IS BEING ATTACKED!!!! HELP SOME 1?? “Vista Internet Security” is messing up my comp i cant remove it!!?
OK I didnt even fucking install this so called “Vista Internet Secuity” It dont let me start my games it says that it has a trojan virus FAKE!!! I have 10 other programs wich they are AVG,Anti-Vira,Quad Registry,Tune Up Utilities,Spyware Doctor,CCleaner,Registry Mechanic,Registry Easy,McAfee,Windows Defender, and much more BUT they dont POP UP like this stupid fuck that i didnt install called “Vista Internet Security” I went to “uninstall programs” but the fucking program aint there so i dont know how to uninstall it. I tried just about everything but the thing keeps on poping up persuading me to buy the full version.Please I BEG i need help on how to uninstall this shit . It keeps on doing fake ass updates saying that my whole comp is infected FAKE i put on all my programs AVG,Anti-Vira,Quad Registry,Tune Up Utilites,Spyware Doctor,CCleaner,Registry Mechanic,Registry Easy,McAfee,Windows Defender on scanning and deep scanning my registry none of them said the same as “Vista Internet Security” that fake ass piece of crap program wants me 2 buy there fake ass pice of crap i need help on how to install this ugly mutherfuking piece of shit…HELP ME OUT PLZ I BEG NONE OF MY 10 PROGRAMS CAN FUCKING UNINSTALL THIS SHIT THAT “VISTA INTERNET SECURITY” IS ATTACKING ALL OF MY ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS AND MY WHOLE PC!!!!!!

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Answer by zbdblues
You have a lot of good tools but you don’t seem to have anything for malware, which is what you seem to have. Use this:

Sometimes malware can prevent you from downloading or running programmes. If this happens you can follow the manual removel instructions given here:
But most likely malwarebytes will do the job. (also reccomended by the same site)

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  1. Very difficult to read with all of your cussing(asterisk’s and actual,) try doing a System restore by going to All Programs>Accessories>System tools> System restore and select a date prior to when the problem started.

    You can also start your computer in Safe mode by hitting F8 upon start up and then run your anti-virus. Then install Malwarebytes on your computer and get rid of some of those other ones.. Keep Malwarebytes,AVG, CCleaner.

  2. Do a search for Vista Internet Security…the folders will show up…just delete them…..and to be honest you have way to many programs on your computer….if when you do a search…also include internet security….its on your computer somewere…it will take awhile to find it…but when you do it will be easy to remove…

  3. reformat your machine,

    and for god sake, dont have a huge list of anti malware, or firewall settings , it defeats the purpose of them being there

  4. at the same time boot up computer and tap the F8 key when the options screen appears choose safemode with networking then open browser and go to this is Microsoft’s online virus scanner choose full service scan after that is done use the clean up scan to clean your registry…

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