Murach’s C# 2010

This is the 2010 edition of Murach’s best-selling C# book on developing Windows Forms applications. Here’s what developers have said about earlier editions:
“I have to tell you that your C# book is far and away the best resource I have seen to date. It really does do what the learner needs. It is simple, straightforward, presents logical examples, and the two-page format is the best.”

“With this book, I have quickly moved from being intimidated by C# to making it my language of choice

List Price: $ 54.50

Price: $ 29.00

Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming

Do big math on small machines Write fast and accurate library functions Master analytical and numerical calculus Perform numerical integration to any order Implement z-transform formulas Need to learn the ins and outs of the fundamental math functions in

Master analytical and numerical calculus with this solid course in applied math from the renowned columnist of Embedded Systems Programming magazine. You will learn how to do big math on small machi

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Price: $ 92.12

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