Java Jump Start: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Programming

Written as a tutorial, this book teaches the basics of Java. It takes a spiral approach to presenting Java, beginning with easy to understand concepts and then working up to more difficult programming techniques. The book will enable readers to create a Web server in Java, and develop Client/Server applications.

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Internet Programming With VB

From seasoned developer Budi Kurniawan comes Internet Programming with Visual Basic, which teaches experienced Visual Basic programmers how to successfully combine two key Microsoft technologies used to drive the Web: Visual Basic and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). This book covers what you as a professional developer needs to know to use VB to write WebClasses that combine all the elements of a robust, scalable Internet application. This book guides you through the process of

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

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4 thoughts on “Java Jump Start: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Programming”

  1. Review by [email protected] for Java Jump Start: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Programming Rating: This was recommended to me as an introductory book. But, like most of the others I’ve bought, it soon broke the rules. A concepts is clearly explained, then an example buries you in advanced material that is not even introduced, let alone explained. However, one can see this is an original book with many interesting perspectives and examples, and I mean to return to it once I’ve really mastered the basics of OOP and Java. Yet this was not a “Jump Start” except in the sense of jumping over a cliff into the sea. You’d better know how to swim!

  2. Review by for Java Jump Start: A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Programming Rating: Java Jumpstart provides a good background into how this languauge works with so many different OSes. It also gives some insight into the creation of the Virtual Machine, and how Java is related to programing in C++. This book is a great start into a new programing language for those who understand basic programing concepts. If necessary, use the CD-ROM enclosed to view the applets created in this book to help you further understand how the applets work.

  3. Review by Nat Eastham for Internet Programming With VB Rating: I’ve been writing VB IIS apps (webclasses) for about two years, and I bought this book to see if I had been doing things correctly. In my opinion, webclasses are one of the best ways to write a web app, and everyone I’ve ever worked with that came from a straight ASP environment just loves IIS apps once they “see the light” of how they work. One of the best things about this book is that it covers all the other things you’ll need to know to get the app completed and working on your web server. With this book, and maybe an HTML and Javascript reference, I think you could turn out a pretty good project even if it was your first time with a web application.The book is well written, and cleanly laid out.

  4. Review by Jason M. Diller for Internet Programming With VB Rating: As an intermediate programmer with no knowledge whatsoever of IIS, I was intrigued by the possibilities of this book. I was not disappointed. There is a lot to learn here and I found it quite interesting. There’s good info about how servers work(I never really knew how), using VB to generate WebClasses, email, databases, SQL…the works! Maybe an advanced programmer would have some gripes, but for a beginner in this area, I really enjoyed it.

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