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When it was first introduced, Visual Basic simplified development for Windows programmers. Now Microsoft has extended the same ease of use to Internet programmers. Complicated protocols and binary data transfers are now as easy as placing a control on your Visual Basic form. Web pages come alive with VBScript and ActiveX controls. Powerful, secure programs handle FTP, HTTP, MAPI, and asynchronous transfers without a hitch. In short, what was once a field dominated by C++ and Java programmers i

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  1. Review by for Internet Programming With Visual Basic 5 Rating: When I first saw this book advertised I was very enthusiastic. Step by step instructions on building your very own browser sounded appealing. Not to mention detailed insight into creating e-mail applications for the Internet. What I received for my money; a book ‘padded out’ with unecessary code listings, instructions on creating a browser using a ready made wizard that did all the work for you, (followed by pages and pages of the code contained within the app.) and e-mail applications that were nothing more than Mapi calls to initiate parts of the now dated Microsoft Exchange component. Indeed, the first task in this chapter was to make sure that you had Internet mail already installed and working in Exchange. The book commences by informing its reader that previous VB knowledge is assumed, then spends the next chapter crawling through very elimentary introductions to VB.All in all a waste of money for me, I really wish I’d never ordered it.

  2. Review by for Internet Programming With Visual Basic 5 Rating: This book is is about programming Internet programs in Visual Basic. However, over 200 pages talk about VB Script and over 200 pages are filled with program listings. The remaining 150 pages are useful if you don’t know how to put a component on a form or how to use Visual Basic. The CD is basically a waste of time as it contains on 2.2Mb of code listings without advanced examples of topics described in the book. This book was obviously hastily assembled to catch the VB5 wave of Internet programmers but it is going in the wrong direction. If I lived in the US it would be going back to Amazon for a refund. If you know how to read the VB5 manual then don’t waste your time.

  3. Review by for Internet Programming With Visual Basic 5 Rating: This book presents a few well-chosen Internet programming situations and then shows how to write VB5 solutions that require very little programming effort. If you already know VB5 and want to know how to write programs that communicate with Internet servers, this is an excellent place to find out.The exercises will show you how to build programs that act as web browsers, FTP clients and e-mail clients. It also explains ActiveX controls and ActiveX documents, how the encryption and security features of HTML work, and how to write VBScript programs that work with Internet Explorer.Although it is a 500+ page book, much of the space is given to showing the Visual Basic code that is generated by the development Wizards. This adds a lot of pages to the chapters, but since the code is not explained in any detail, the extra pages are not that illuminating.The book clearly and patiently explains how powerful a tool VB5 is for Internet programming and how to crank out useable and useful programs in record time

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