Question by Gladys: If you could bring any one item from your house to the TV program “Antiques Roadshow”, what would it be?
And would you be willing to part with it if the price was right?

For those of you who are not familiar with the program, here is their website:

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Answer by Allymac
I have a house full of antiques. My grand dad’s old roll top desk, an ancient rocking chair, my dinning room table is very very old, more than 75 years my guess. I would not part with any of these things. There is no price that could replace them.

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  1. Nothing, I have sold all the antiques over the years when as a single parent I needed the money for things like groceries. One small toy truck I had I sold for $350 to a collector, I had a lot of valuable antiques from before I was married. It was the only way the kids and I survived all those years of no Child Support from their dead beat father.

    Good question !

  2. A collection of my father and his artwork…he was drafted for The N.Y. Giants, BB Team, also Played for The Buffalo Bills. was in WWII,Played Football while in the Army. we have all the clippings and medals from that. also he was a artist, He worked with watercolor, acrylics, oil, and beautiful wood pieces… we would never part with any of it,

  3. A 1869 or 70 picture of a beautiful mountain stream in the mother lode during the Gold Rush period. I did see one like it only larger at the Crocker art museum in Sacramento Calif.(the state capital)but there was no reference to its monetary worth of course. My mother-in law gave it to me just before she passed away. I would not part with it for any price but would be interested in knowing its value.

  4. What few little antiques I have, I would never part with. . . too much sentimental value . So I guess I would have no need to go on the show, although I do love watching it. Valuable history lessons can be learned there. I love the personal approach to each story.

  5. Maybe my gran’s old green pickle dish. Just to see if it has any value other than sentimental. I don’t want to part with the few antiques that I have because they are my ties to that part of my family history.

  6. There’s a plate that has a picture of pink cabbage roses. (I think that’s what you call that flower) Plate is oval shaped, ringed in gold paint. Has handles on each end. Like a serving platter, but it’s not really large like platters are.

    Has markings on the back. Several people who work with antiques have copied down the markings, but no one can find out where and when the plate was made.

    My mother in law gave the plate to my husband. She said it had hung on her mother’s wall for as long as she could remember.

  7. I have very few things of value in my home. Both families were very poor during the Depression and sold anything that might be of monetary value. The one thing I do have is an old mantel clock with wooden works. It’s the one thing that didn’t get sold off.

  8. We have a 1916 Valentine that was sent to my husbands mother when she was 10 years old.

    It is a very fragile – colorful – lace cut – it is so beautifull – we have it in a 8 x 10 picture frame.

    I have many collectables and I am slowly giving a piece at a time to my grandshildren as they get married.

    Maybe take some World War ll ration stamps and the red tokens. They too are in picture frames.

    Gladys, The Roadshow is my favorite show to watch.

    We watched it right after the Super Bowl last night.

    Love our treasures and wouldn’t part with them – keep them in the family.

    I sold my fathers Fender guitar, so we could put a new roof on our house years ago and I have been so sorry for selling it.

    What is done is done.


  9. I would bring my hollow, glass rollingpin that was passed on to me from my grandmother. I don’t think it is worth much but it is the oldest item I have. Yes I would sell it if the price was right because we could use some extra money but can’t use the rollingpin. ( I don’t get attached to things.)

  10. Old fishing rod. I think back to the 50’s when my mother threw out all the old inherited furniture, including those tall vases that stood on the landing, just to keep up to date. Dad even made rabbit hutch out of an early Victorian chest of drawers. So its just the old rod, which I would not part with.

  11. I have actually been there with some treasures.
    It was fun!
    I got $200.00 from Reader’s Digest for my story from there.

    We were in the huge line up.
    I went to get two cups of coffee ($1.25 each), one muffin ($1.40 each), and one biscuit ($1.25 each).
    The young woman tried several times to add up the sale; first in her head, then several attempts with a pen and paper. Each time, getting a different result.
    Finally, she said “Just wait here. I’ll be right back. I just have to do this the old fashioned way.”
    And she came back with a calculator.

  12. A small beautiful pottery bowl fired in various shades of orange with gold trim.
    I would like to know about it’s history and I’m not sure if I’d sell it.

  13. Hi Gladys
    I have a what knot my dad made in 1944
    would that be an antique?
    Would I sell it. Not for a million

    I do have a cracked coffee pot that was
    one of Mom’s wedding presents.
    Would I sell it? For a million I might
    think about it, but probably not.

    I also have a dutch oven that was one of
    Mom’s wedding presents.
    I would probably let it go for $500K

  14. I have a rocking chair that belonged to an aunt of mine. She told us as an infant and small child, she was rocked in that chair. It would be at least 90+ yrs old, depending if it was new at the time frame she spoke of. If the price was right, yes, I would part with it.

  15. love the show. I collect many things, and lost many possessions, but have old coins that i know will make me rich one day!!!

  16. I have quite a few antiques, an antique desk, some silver, some old books, a few paintings, and yes, I would part with some (not all) of them if the price were right. We love that show. We watch it every week.

  17. I have almost a complete set of real antique china. It was my Mother-in-law’s wedding china. Also have a very old china platter with a purple orchid in the center of it. It belonged to my deceased husband’s grandmother. I also have a china piggy bank that my paternal grandmother bought for me the day I was born. I am unsure as to what to do with these items. My son is not into antiques and is involved in a messy divorce at present. (I’d hate for his wife to get hold of them) My daughter is battling a terminal illness at present. So, I am stumped.

  18. I have a lot of antiques that belonged to my grandparents but I doubt anything is worth much. I have a jewelry set I might bring that belonged to my Grandmother that died before I was born but I doubt I’d part with it.

  19. I have an original New York Times newspaper from the day after the Titanic sunk. Dated Tuesday, April l6, 1912. It’s in a frame that I keep in our computer room because it’s always dark in here. My Step Father gave it to me before he died. His mother saved it for him. My son doesn’t care a thing about it, but I don’t think I would sell it. I would like to know if it would be worth anything though.

  20. I have passed all of those things down to the family. I really had little use for them and for the family they had meaning.
    I watch the show all the time and I am amazed at what value they put on some of those things.

  21. I have three rosebacked chairs my great-grandfather carved back in the late 1800’s, with hand-embroidered seats. Probably worth a couple hundred dollars each, along with a tilt-top clover-shaped table he made. My great-grandmother’s wedding china is probably worth something, as is an antique Bavarian cuckoo-clock of my parents’. But no, I wouldn’t part with them for any amount of money!

  22. The wife has an ancient curio stand — anything goes for a price.

    (the wife and I are both antiques — any takers ?)

  23. Old NYC token collection my father collected before his death in 1985 and no amount of money could get me to part from it.

  24. I would take the kimonos my aunt and grandmother made in the 1930’s. I wouldn’t part with them unless I were truly desperate.

  25. I have my grandfathers violin,that he had i know for over 60 years,in not the greatest shape,but promised it to my grandson so no sale,and a small cedar box that came from The Blue Hole in Castalia Oh,which has been closed for Years. would sell that if worth very much.

  26. I have been pondering this question as I applied for tickets for their summer tour. The tickets are not guaranteed but you find out about 3 weeks before the show. Each ticket holder is allowed 2 items for appraisal.
    I too have a large old valentine depitcting a ( very politically incorrect ) little black child eating watermelon with a saying like “yo sure um sweet” The colors are great and the artwork is nice. I think it’s from the 20’s. The other item is a beautiful bottle of perfume my mom brought back from Paris during WW2. She was an army nurse and went there on leave for some R and R.
    Would I part with them? Not sure, I suppose if the price is right, I am sentimental but downsizing big time.

  27. I like watching the Antiques Roadshow. The two items I would take are odd. One is a Butler’s pan. Was used to clean the crumbs from the table. The other is a hand blown glass item that looks like a long swan neck. The glass is mottled and I’ve never seen anything else like it. If I could slip in a third item, would be an aluminum bowl(very thick), decorated with rabbits. I buy-sell-trade antiques, usually smaller items and china. I am more interested in the origin of the items than the value and would part with them-except the rabbit bowl, it’s already designated to a daughter.

  28. I have an amazing Cribbage board collection, numbering around 400. I would choose one of my favorite old, unusual boards, one for example, is made of 11 different kinds of hardwoods. I probably wouldn’t want to part with any of my rare boards, Gladys.

  29. Gladys Love the show! I have my grandmother’s jewelry and my mom’s coin collection, I’m holding on to those and they are in the bank vault. I have some china pieces that I would be willing to part with.

    Ladybug….I said a little prayer for your daughter.

  30. …that fruitcake that we’ve been trading back and forth every christmas for the last 30 years….yeah…I’ll sell it to ya

  31. Hi Gladys,
    I have a doll i had when i was a young girl.. The doll was made in the early 50’s,she still has the original clothes on(not to new looking now) you wind her up and she walks..Her shoes are like robot shoes with wheels on the bottom(she still works).I have needer seen another doll like her.I think she was made in Germany.
    Your Friend,

  32. I have a round metal lunch mom said she had one just like it when she was in grade school..1920. Road Show is coming to San Jose, Ca. soon..each person that gets a ticket can bring 2 items for appraisal. I would probably be able to give it up as we bought it @ an estate sale on one of out trips to the midwest and I don’t know the person that it belonged to..Now if it was my moms, that is a different story, I would keep it..

  33. We’ve been robbed several times in the past, so I think I very little
    in the way of antiques of any value. We used to have museum
    quality western artifacts, a ruby red glass collection as well as my
    crystal pieces.. What I do have now that I would like appraised, are
    two collectible pieces of jewelry. One has a few charms on a pin
    depicting the rock and roll era. And the other is a bracelet with
    cartoon panals with popular 50’s cartoons like popeye. That must be
    one of a kind and has some value. It’s too small now to fit my wrist.
    So I would part with it for the right price.
    I also have a pretty pin I gave my mother with matching earrings I
    bought a very long time ago. And the stones are red with a rainbow
    effect to the surface. The pin is like new and has the jewelry company
    on the back, which I recognize. One of my sisters got the earrings
    without knowing I had given the set many years earlier. Anyway, I
    would like to know the value of such a pin today. I think I might
    sell it, since I never saw my mother wear it. I have a couple other
    things of my grandmas’ that didn’t come from me, that I do treasure. And I wouldn’t sell those. There are also some blown glass pieces my
    grandma kept from over the years, getting them as gifts. I treasure
    those pieces and wouldn’t sell them. I don’t know if blown glass
    goes up in value or not. Maybe it would be fun to know how much
    they might be worth now though. But it’s not like I’m sitting on a
    treaure by any means.

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