HTML Artistry: More Than Code

For courses in HTML and Web Design. HTML Artistry is an advanced, hands-on guide to the aesthetics of utilizing HTML tags in Web pages. Concise, practical advice helps readers make the best decisions about when and where to use which HTML elements to create better Web pages. This book will clearly illustrate all aspects of HTML design, from the simple table layout to full animation with Dynamic HTML. Advanced tips and tricks are sprinkled throughout for optimizing the look and speed of the page

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Price: $ 1.10

Essential Dynamic HTML fast: Developing an Interactive Web Site (Essential Series)

Essential Dynamic HTML fast provides a step-by-step approach to DHTML and its techniques – providing everything needed to get a project up and running fast. In addition, it includes lots of tips on how to manage a dynamic site. Using a progressive approach, it describes how to build a dynamic website, starting from data management, to incorporating multimedia effects, audio, video, and animations. It explores the use of dynamic contents, dynamic positioning, the DOM (Document Object Model), and

List Price: $ 39.95

Price: $ 7.97

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