Question by Cyphor: How to get rid of unwanted software that can not be removed using “Add/Remove Program” screen ?
This one is bugging me for quite a sometime now. I keep installing games on my computer, not to mention loads of other software from the Internet. But I have noticed that some games and software refuses to get uninstalled. And sometimes, I struggle tracing those numerous files that a game installation would have created on my computer.

So, my question is..

Is there any tool that will help you to effectively remove unwanted software on the computer when the conventional uninstallation fails ?

Best answer:

Answer by juno622
First, you need a big magnet.

Then write the name of the program that you want removed on that big manget.

Open up the chassis of the PC, then put the magnet near your HD for about 15-20 mins.

When you turn on your PC again – that software will be gone.

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