Question by My Avatar Is Beautiful: How many commercials do you watch a day/year/lifetime?
Commercials on T.V. are starting to make it unbearable for me to watch so I looked up some stats.
Here is what I have found:
The Average American watches an incredible 4.35hrs. oh T.V. a day!
I figure that an hour show is really a 44 minute without commercials,
so that’s 16 minutes of commercials an hour times 4.35 equals 69.6,
69.6 minutes a day times 365 days per year equals 25,404 minutes yearly, divide by 60 for hours that’s 423, then divide by 24 for days and ya got 17.64 days a year.
That doesn’t seem that bad but then multiply by 20 years and that’s almost a full year of bullsh** commercials tricking you into buying sh**!

So by the time your 60, unless you flip the channel during commercials or skip it with dvr then you will have wasted 3 years of your life watching advertisements. I just thought you should all know, they don’t call it television “programming” for nothing.
Did you know that during the first 5 years of a child’s life it’s brain will have grown 90%. There is a video out I think it’s called “your baby can read” and it has taught kids to read even before they can walk. Television has a huge impact and affect on a growing person.
My friend’s daughter who was probably 3 at the time would cry, kick, and scream when he would turn the television off. She actually thought she was going to miss everything that was happening in there, I guess. Like it was a Disney Wonderland and by turning the t.v. off she wasn’t part of it. Disney really has a hold on kids. Yeah, you can’t escape ads, every kids shirt is a walking bilboard.
Don’t forget to watch “It’s Always Sunny” @10ET on FX by the way. lol

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Answer by Cassandria
I gave up watching television years ago, and my life has been much richer. My two-year-old has never seen a television program. It’s not just the commercials that are wasting your time.

“Television has a huge impact and affect [sic] on a growing person.” Agreed. It’s a huge NEGATIVE impact. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for years 2 and under, and virtually none from 3-4 years old.

P.S. I’m a university professor and published author, and like nearly everyone my age, I didn’t learn to read until first grade.

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4 thoughts on “How many commercials do you watch a day/year/lifetime?”

  1. That’s scary but commercials are everywhere, not just tv. You can’t go anywhere or do anything without seeing or hearing an advertisement for something. Hell, I’ll have to see another one as soon as I click the preview and submit buttons, it’s endless.

  2. Good stats. I got rid of my cable awhile back and never got a digital converter box for my tv, so I’m stuck with watching dvds. I’ve saved myself a lot of time–I don’t watch as much tv now and I have all sorts of things I do that I didn’t used to.

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